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Support those defending their families and homes in Ukraine!

Our main focus is to provide medical supplies, trauma kits, and other urgent humanitarian needs to front line units.


Below is an interviews and articles with founders Drew and Anastasiia Armey:


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Why Choose Us

Our fundraising and non-profit goes to help those affected by combat in Ukraine, focusing primarily on volunteer groups or getting supplies to Ukrainian military in response to urgent needs.  While we do not aim to match or supplement US government aid, we work in a more nimble fashion and can address more acute needs that are communicated by our networks of colleagues and friends who are actively aiding the war effort on the ground in Ukraine.  We focus on supplying humanitarian aid to front line units, be they Ukrainian military or militia, in the form of urgent medical supplies, trauma kits, or other urgent needs. 

We are working with US based companies to receive donations of medical supplies and transport them into theater.  We are also working with contacts in Poland and other EU countries to locally purchase supplies and ship into Ukraine.  Once inside Ukraine, we work through our same network of friends and professional associates to make sure materials get to where they are needed most.




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Receive a complimentary "Ghost of Kyiv" patch, commemorating the legendary ace of the Ukrainian Air Force, with your donation of $250 or more.  Simply place your donation and send an email with your name and address if you wish to receive it.  Information will neither be kept nor sold to third parties, and will only be used one time for shipping.  Patches graciously donated by Aviator Gear,  

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